Digital Platform Vision

Platform Experience

PSMA was traditionally a regular data warehouse but had the vision to build a data platform in order to accomodate their evolving customers. The PSMA Digital Platform will enable solution providers, large or small, to quickly create high-value location enabled applications, by providing easy-to-use APIs and a diverse range of rich and high quality spatial datasets on a pay per-use basis.

The PSMA Digital Platform will support many different touch points at each stage of the customer lifecycle. Customers will interact with PSMA primarily through this digital channel, supplemented where required by supporting channels. The digital channel will focus on ease, simplicity, and self service, encouraging adoption through a superior user experience.

Journey Map

This journey map follows the journey of Geo Solutions, a (made up) development firm seeking to enrich its applications with location data via the future PSMA data platform. The platforms goal was to facilitate the following key principles in order to deliver greater value to the customer.

Rich Self-Service

Customers can get information, explore datasets, subscribe to APIs, download data and seek support quickly and easily, without having to call during business hours.

Persuasive Marketing

The PSMA brand provides a clear representation of the positioning and value proposition of PSMA. Marketing efforts are integrated across channels to deliver a consistent message and drive conversions.

API-Centric Distribution

Focussing on cloud-based API delivery enables PSMA to reduce financial and contractual barriers to entry, mitigate royalty leakage, and deliver rich customer insights to drive future product innovation.

Analytics and Feedback

Data is captured and measured at all stages of the journey to enable continual optimisation and improvement. The platform drives customer analytics and enhances PSMA’s understanding of market needs.


PSMA Australia Limited is an unlisted public company owned by Australia’s federal, state and territory governments. Their goal is to facilitate broad and sustainable access to high-quality location data.

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