We found that the existing heavy-touch engagement model did not allow pre-sales activities to scale without a corresponding increase in headcount

Our team was engaged by the Department of Finance (some content have been hidden for confidentiality reasons) to produce a Customer Engagement Model for govCMS.

The model set out activities, roles and responsibilities across the end-to-end customer lifecycle from engagement through to ongoing management with a focus on scalability and effective collaboration across service delivery partners.

On this engagement one of the deliverables I created was a persona and customer journey map for the future engagement vision of govCMS.


The development of the Customer Engagement Model was conducted over three phases: Information gathering and planning phase, Collaboration and design phase, and Documentation phase.


govCMS is an open source content management service that was developed by the Department of Finance – Online Services Branch (OSB) to allow Federal and State agencies to create modern, affordable, responsive websites to better connect Government with people. The main objective of govCMS is to provide a community focussed common platform and distribution network for federal and state agency websites.

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Australian Government Department of Finance

Year: 2016
Categories: User Experience

User Experience Design
Customer Engagement Strategy